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This day is one of the most important days of my life. I have finally gotten an occasion to tell my story to the world. It is a very interesting one and it is my real life story.

It began when my mother told me that I actually died once and for some unknown reason my Grandmother suggested that I must spend one more night with them so I was kept over for burial on the next day.

The following day, while everyone, including all the kids from the village were in the yard and also at the gate for they were many. A strange lady came in the yard and requested that she go for the towel that was forgotten in the room the previous day . She went in and suddenly ran out and said that the child smiled at her. She emphasized that as soon as she touched me on my forehead and said, goodbye my child (the woman said), I opened my eyes and smiled at her. My Grandmother hastened in and brought me out and handed my over to my mother, who changed my name immediately.

When I was about nine tears old, My mother took me to Sunday school and from there on all the excitement of my life of miracles and mysteries began. I am about to record them in this exercise, you will find them here as you read along.

If you should consider sending me a gift, it will be greatly appreciated. It will be received online at the safest online money transaction company known as https://Paypal.com  for my email address  account . It is  a2jreigns@gmail.com Thanks, In the name of Jesus, Amen. As you examine the pages of this exercise, you will wonder greatly and think within yourself, The Almighty God is really real and is alive. He still speaks toman audibly, not as most preachers will have you to believe that God only speaks through the bible. Anyone preacher or anyone who says tht God only speaks to man today through the bible alone ( Matthew 10; 20, that person never had an encounter with the Lord. That person, whoever that ( Matthew 24; 4 – 14) one may be is also a deceiver.

Lucifer, the Devil knows the truth. He knows the way to Heaven. He lived in heaven. He was born there but Lucifer will never takes anyone to heaven. He is come to steal, kill and destroy. He has appointed many ( John 11; 45 – 57) preachers and give tham a Sin-Management-Philosophy, the Doctrine of men and Demons to deceive the world and leed them astray, the  followers of these false preachers will never get the Salvation message.

They will not get the doctrine that all sins are forgiven ( Collossians 2; ) and all men have been (2 Corinthiane 5; 17 – 20) redeemed. They will have to pay continually through their teeth in the form of offerings, gifts and teiths and will always have to be at these alters of the demons to be refreshed  to continue with their abominations. The redeem of the Lord do not hold a grudge or walk away from their spouse to cohabit with someone else. The redeem is honourable and forgiving (Luke 6; 27. 1 John 3; 2-10).

This environment has been established to guarantee that all men everywhere get the word of the knowledge of Sins Forgiven and that the whole world has been (1 John 5; 4 – 12. Colossians 1; 16  – 22) redeemed  and reconciles to God at Calvary.

The preachers that tells you to come with your sins, just ask then what sin they are talking about,  ask them where is it,  since Jesus took it all away you (Colossians 2; 11 – 16) do not know where Jesus puts it or what Jesus did with it from the Cross of Calvary.

What most preachers really wanted is a large congregation to maintein their budget. The job of preaching is very prstigeous, all that is needed is a Bsc and a good public Speaking education, a good knowledge of the scriptures, that will qualify them to prepare a program especially with the prosperity money as a business, just like the pharacies in Jesus’s day (mark 13; 5 – 23,  Acts 4; 5 – 22) and the apostles.


About ourenemy

The road is long and very lonely with many winding turns. However, I am not afraid for I am never alone. The Spirit of the Lord (1 John 3; 9) is always with me from since I became a redeemed Re-Born child of God. For all of my life, from a child, for as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by loving parents and very loving people. As a result, my life shall only be useful in this world when I purpse to transfer my resurcefulness to whom I will come in contact with. when I tried to transter this Love that I have found to others and help them find the success of a real Life. This is my real purpose of living. In return I am hated through jealusy and on many occasions, attempts are being made by very simple and jealous people whoes minds are not properly trained but try to ruin this wonderful gift that I have from my birth. But I am very strong, no burden is too heavy for me to bare for he is my brother and we must go on, I will not be stopped, We must reach our destination and be successful. Till then, we will drink of the living water and go on together.
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  2. I am so relax that all I wanted to do this instance is exactly what I always wanted to do, that is to reveal to the world all my encounters throughout this physical existence.

    They are very real and mysterious and somewhat out of this world experiences. You may well question the reality of them but, I can assure you, everything you will read within these pages are very real. They are my real life experiences.

    YES, I am a very real person and these stories are also very real. You will hear how my mother introduced God to me, what was the going on in my life when The Almighty God came to my rescue.

    You will hear that I spoke with Angels and received physical things (Gifts) from their hands. You will hear that I danced at the pageantry celebration presented by the Kingdom of The Clouds in Honor of The Lord Jesus victory in the war of the Redemption of the world.

    You will hear how the Almighty God told me and showed me the drama of Lucifer on Crucifixion day and how Lucifer cried as a little Angel Girl taunted him about eating little fishes and many more.

    It you really wanted to send a gift to me. Gifts from motivated friends can be paid to my email account at https://www.Paypal.Com for Lionel Frederick Email address http://www.a2jreigns@Gmail.com Paypal is a very safe transaction site on the internet.

  3. Hello World. Merry Christmas World. Christmas is the Birth Of A New Life. The Celebrating of Christmas is the CELEBRATING of the Birth of Jesus The New Life.

    This Life is a Gift of Love from Jehovah above. He is The Most High God and Eloheim the Creator. This gift comes to us all with Great blessings “Proverbs 8; 32 – 36, John 1; 4, 5”. The trials of time are the tests of Life to give to all who pass the tests Good success; good health and successful family living. To fail the tests will result in the life of stress, failure, all diseases “Deuteronomy 28; 14 – 25” and illnesses and a life living in the sanctuary of misery.

    It in not a very popular statement to hear many persons say that they have lived a satisfied and very interesting life. I do have the satisfaction and previllege of saying that I have lived a very satisfied and interesting life of mysteries and miracles that continues even up to this very moment of time.

    As the New Year approaches, let us think of what we have learned from the lessons of the past and let us pack all the disappointments, the regrets, the hatred, failures and transgressions in a bag and hand it over to the old year as it passes.

    Let us all purpose in our hearts that we will now be loving and forgiving and great the New Year with gratitude and thanksgivings and let us all put our trust and confidence in the hands of the Angel that has “Exodus 23; 20 – 25, Mark 10; 29, 30” been commissioned to clear the way and lead us and take us through to our destination that have been prepared for us.

    My entire life’s experiences can only be classified as miraculous by all who really understand the laws of miracles. It all began one day when I was a little boy about nine years old. You will hear that as time passes on, I receivce many communication from the Throne of the Kingdom of Heaven, yes, directly from the Throne of Heaven.

    You will hear of the mny times that I spoke with Angels. You will hear that I was shown ther drama of Lucifer on the day of the Crucifixion Of our Lord Jesus an if I were to receive an invitation to visit your congregation, your congregation will definitely be blessed to know that the Almighty God still do communicate with His people in this age.

    It is very important that I emphasize here that everything you will find written here is my true experience. It all began many years ago as a little boy, it was not very clear that disobedience will result in the enduranse of penalties that may even involve one’s very life so on this day, I disobeyed my mother and as I was a real mischievous boy, my mother decided to punish me differently this time by sending my to the farm to fetch vegetables and attend to the farm animals.

    I was about nine years old then and not in any situation to challenge my mother, she was a very serious and very gentle woman but very definite in all of her decissions, I scampered off to the mountain without questioning.

    I was so accustomed to spend time at the shops listening to the the stories told by the men at the bars. These stories were about their encounters with the spirits of the dead that roam the earth and sometimes torment lonesome folks.

    I arrived in the mountain and suddenly became afraid for after arriving at the farm the rain began to pour down in great torrent. I never knew that it was to be the deginning of my life of miracles.

    I did what I had to do in the rain and was returning to my home in the rain with all that I was supposed to take with me, but then I decided to shelter the rain that never ceased in the bank at the side of the road that was dugged out for that purpose.

    While sheltering the rain in the hole dug out at the side of the road in the bank for that purpose, the rain poured down so rapidly that the overflowing of the excess water began to flood the road and darkness had begun to step in.

    I looked over and across to where the river was that I must cross for the road went through the river parth and realised that the river was now overflowing and this scared me.

    My fears compelled me to think of praying and so I did. At the end of the prayer as soon as I said Amen, it was like a magic, as though a gail of wind with great force came rushing along and immediately taking the rain away with it. As the rain stopped, I took my things and continued on my way to my home.

    This was the prayer that I prayed. I said; Almighty God, my Heavenly Father, I am so very sorry for the way that I treated my mother today and that is why I am in this mountain alone at this time.

    It is becoming dark and spirits that roam this place are wicked, I am afraid. I am very sorry for my sins, please forgive me, and help me not to be so disobedient to my parents again.

    I know that you alone are God and that you alone can forgive sin and you love to hear children pray and cry to you when in trouble. I know that you created everythimg for your purpose and to worship you alone.

    Please stop this rain so I can pass over the river safely and keep the rain from falling until I reach at Mr. Latham shop and then let the rain continue as it pleases you. This I ask in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

    Immediately as I said Amen, it was as though a very powerful gail of wind came and took the rain away. I started again on my way home whistling until I arrived at Mr. Latham shop down in the village. As I walked on passed the shop then, down came the rain as heavily as before somuch so that I had asked earlier in prayer to stop so I can pass on only a very short while about eighteen minutes.

    I did not remember anything about what I had only moments ago asked for so I ran into the shop and as soon as I entered the shop and lay down the things that I was carrying on the floor, I distinctly heard a voice as from behind me saying; “what are you doing here, did you not ask that I stopped the rain until you arrived at Mr. Latham shop? where you are now? what are you doing here?

    I looked arround to see if there was anyone behind me that was speaking to me but there was no one there paying attention to me, they were all playing cards and drinking their rum so I took up my things and went on my way home in the rain.

    I arrived at my home in just about six minutes later. My mother enquired as to where the rain met me, I told her of the two occasions that the rain fell but not about the prayer nor the results.

    You will hear of many more encounters with the names of persons that you may know. They will testify of occasions that I would have told them of incidence that have actually came to pass.

    You will hear of the time I received physical articles from the hands of Angels, how I was given an appointment written on paper by an Angel for a job with the address that proved to be correct from the hands of an Angel.

    You will here of the time i saw the Lord Jesus. You will here of the mission That i am sent on and the manner in which it was done. You will hear of the time that I danced at the pageontry of the kingdon of the clouds.

    You will hear how I walked in the rain without getting wet. Also The Almighty explained what is really the beginning as referred to in Genesis 1; 1, and John 1; 1, and how The Almighty God told me and showed me Lucifer’ drama on crecifixion day.

    You will also see the mark that was pleced on my leg to remind me of the my mission and the time alotted for that purpose. You will also hear of miracles that were experienced here in Canada andhow Lucifer challenged me about Dr. Billy graham and my brother back in the carribean and many more.

    It is like the stories of the old thats will follow as reference, this will help any one that may be somewhat very curious as to be able to substantiate of my story, and confirm some incidents that occure in church in this beautiful Country of Canada without doubt but the truth.


    It all began when I was yet a child, my mother took me to Sunday School and one Sunday when we return fron Sunday School my mother called me to herself and said to me, listen to me you little boy, you see that on Sundays I am taking you to Sunday School, well, the Sunday you are not in Sunday School and you are not with me, dont come in this house, you hear me, she repeated the statement, I said ok mother.

    From that day, I made sure that I was in Sunday school. In Sunday School, I hear about God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Angels and Demons but I could not understand what these subjects really mean.

    This bothered me and one day I asked my mother about God, and who he really was but I did not get any answer.

    I am always being sent to the shop, I liked that idea for I find that I hear more about life there than at home and one day I asked my mother about the government for the men at the shop asways are having thse conversation about the Government, which led me to believe that the Government was very rich so if I get to know who he is maby I can ask him for some help for my family.

    My question about the Government caused my mother to yell at me about all the questions for they were always coming about one thing or the other for I was a very curious boy.

    My mother response to me caused me to stamp my feet, shook my shoulder and started to cry, my mother was very upset with me for my actions and threatened to flog my but I said to her, every time I ask you a question you do not answer me, then I will ask the men at the rum shop.

    My Mother Introduced God To Me.

    At that my mother said OK, when you come back I will answer all your questions. That night, after dinner my mother said, OK little boy, come and get a bath and we will talk.

    She bathe me with the water she had prepared and left to be warmed in the sun just before bed then she said, Now, you wanted to know about the Government and about God. Listen very carefully.

    The Government is not a man, it is a group of men that form themselves together as a group to become an authority to control the society. They make Laws and to regulate the society for everyone to follow so that everyone will have an equal opportunity and freedom to live comfortible to choose to do whatever they wanted to do as means of support for their family without interferrance.

    Similarly, God is not a man, He is a Great Spirit, The Father of all Spirits. All Spirits come from Him. He is the wisest of all Spirits and is in control of them.

    God is the Creator of everything seen and unseen. God has also establish Laws in the universe by which the Angels and all the hosts of Heaven exist, pbey and abide.

    He has also establish Laws and commandments by which man must obey, exist abd abide if they are to be successful in life and enjoy all of the blessings that He has in store for all who will obeys.

    There are two kinds of Spirits, they are all called Angels, one of the Chief Angel became disobedient to the laws and commands of God and have become demons, the other kind remain faithful to the commands and Laws of God and retain the name Angels.

    Also there are different categories of Angels like there are different categories of the police. There is the Chief of Police sometimes called the Commissioner, then the assnt, Chief or Commissioner. then there are deputies of police, then Inspectors, Sargeants, Corporals, then Station Sargeants, Constables and privates. So there are different levells of Angels.

    There are Arch- Angels, Cheribims, Shetifins, and other levells of Angels. These Angels are very Powerful, one angel can distroy a city or a country.
    The demons also establish there own levels of authority and their main duties is to destroy all that God owns, included people and especially children.

    Angels protect all that God owns, especially children. God loves to here children pray and Angels rejoice when children pray.

    I said mother what is pray, she said it is talking to God. I said I want to know how to talk to God and my mother said, OK, I will teach you how to pray. That night, my mother taught me how to pray and get God attention and from that time, Prayer is my communication link to God.

    Most time, I receive answer to my prayers immediately, sometime soon after and at times he tells me of things that will happen to me the very next day and some time in the future.

    I will now tell you some of the answers to Prayers that I have received. Let me remind you, these are part of my testimony of my relationship with the Almighty God. The Creator. The Lord of Hosts. His Name is Jehovah, He is My God, My Master.

    They are true and correct. They actually happen. They are my actual experience and whether you believe them or not, it will never change the truth of them all. God Is My Witness.

    I have already mentioned the miracle of the rain, the prayer, the voice and the answer in the mountain earlier in this material, now I will continue to declear more of my experience to present time.

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