The Star Of Lionel

The Mission.

 By Lionel A. Frederick.

I am Lionel. This name was given to me by my Father and I have lived the life that represented the characteristics of this name. I have been appointed and Commissioned by The Almighty God, Jehovah. I am ( Ezekiel Ch.2; 18, 19. Ch.3; 14 – 21. Ch.33;  1 – 33) sent as a messenger to the shepherdsMinisters’ of the Lord God Of Heaven who have all gone away from the commands of Our Lord Jesus (Matthew Ch.4; 18 – 24. Ch. 24; 4 – 14.

Please, if the Lord has blessed you “Proverbs 3; 5 – 10; Deuteronomy 8; 18” with abundance, shear it with me for the purpose of this ministry, your contribution can be paid to my email address a/c at to a/c for my email a/c and you will be continued to be Blessed. Now, check out these Passages of scriptures for yourself and be warned. Ch. 28; 18, 19, 20.) to the Missionaries to feed ( John Ch.21; 15, 16, 17) Deliver the word (John Ch.6 – 26) of Life to His sheep. I bear the marks of my mission on my left leg.

It can be seen by all who makes the request, or visit and enter search 001Lionel, then enter 0626001159-copy 3g2. There you have it. Slide down and click on more for the history and purpose. You see, I am not attempting to draw attention to my self. This is my real life testimony.

The Star of Lionel is an information System. The Star of Lionel is a Guiding Light. This Very Bright Light of The Star of Lionel illumines the way through this dark world of Wickedness and shows the  way to safety even in dangerous and crocked environments and exposes the traps of the enemy where death looms. It shows the way to real and lasting success without Blood Sweat and Tears and gives support to the innocent and lonely. It confirms that Jesus is Lord and without Him, there can be no real lasting success. Behold, I have told you.

Who Is The Enemy?.

The enemy is not a man. The enemy Robs. Steels. Torture and Kills for they are the controlling demon spirits that are roaming about the universe uses wicked men and corrupted and abominable women to destroy the heritage of God’s People and my property in Guelph, that caused me to loose over $500.000.00. The other wicked and abominable woman that the devil uses is Lynne Knox, the Property Services Officer of the County Administration Centre of Wellington Guelph Social Housing from whom I rented my apartment # 104 at 232 Delhi Street in Guelph, and the wicked man is a Supervisor of Police from Guelph.

This wicked police officer attended to a conflict at my former home at 130 Rickson Ave in Guelph, a home that I jointly owned where I received threats on my life. I wanted to collect my computer and other articles from that house but was hinted that there is a trap planned for me to be arrested and or killed there on my next visit to the home, even though I jointly owned the property.

Again I reported the matter to the police in Guelph and requested that the police accompany me there. There were some reluctance at first but after the Police made a few telephone calls, the police decided to accompany me there. He arrived there and set  the trap with a woman (who is my business and Common-Law partner) and also a woman police. The woman Police was hiding behind the staircase midway between the basement and the main floor with her service revolver drawn and in her hand ready to shoot.

I arrived there and proceeded to collect my computer and as I attempted to remove the computer I realized the computer and printer were separated and as I noticed I saw the connecting cord was partly attached in the way so as to break off as soon as it is lifted to be removed. This was to cause a confrontation to facilitate a struggle. The police was to let me believe that I got away and attempting to hurriedly evacuate the premises, the woman police hiding behind the door was to shoot me. There then will be another Police lie which would have been believed. Oh, the police knows how to skillfully tell lies.

He arrived there and set the trap in my own home and failed. Yes, another police trap failed, could you imagine the corruption? yes, there was a conspiracy. After the failure of many attempts to have me killed, and now my rental lease cancellation was received. It was not received without resentments neither with a welcome. I wasn’t supposed to leave Guelph alive. Now, with a retaliatory response, they decided the search for the documents and in the process, they destroy my apartment looking for the documents that I have that was signed by the female partner and witnessed by her Lawyer. This was not there, the document proves that I am part-owner of properties acquired during the six year dual common -law and business relationship.  The last paragraph of the document declears that it was Total, Complete and Irrevocable. This influenced me to involve my total savings in the common-Law and business relationship.

They believed that I hid the documents in the walls of the property but they did not know that I had contents Insurance. When they found out it was too late. They then became of the fact that they will be called to question so they went a little further in an attempt to cover up their wicked and illegal actions.

They encourages the Personal Insurance not to pay me any money claiming that I had abandoned the apartment. This was a lie from the pits. They went down very low. I paid my apartment rent till the end of December 2007 and the damage was done in October, 2007

This wicked police knows that I have the documents so he has decided to harass me and prevent me from getting any help whatsoever and is seeking to tske my life away for six years now.My home is illegally entered into in my absence, my food and groceries tampered with, my clothes removed, some returned but in smaller sizes and there is no peace or safety in my apartment and even though I have reported these issues to Lynne Knox at the landlord office headquarters, nothing is being done.

Stop the wars, it is mass murder. The enemy cannot be killed with Guns nor Bombs nor Chemical Warfare. Hunger. Starvation, Diseases and single parents families are the result of War.

The Enemy is the Evil Spirits you entertain daily. The thoughts of Evil that you are having that motivate and inspire you to do all wickedness are the voices of the Spirits that dwell within you. The spirits of corruptions. The spirits of confusions. The spirits of Deceptions. The Spirits of Dishonesty.

The spirits of Abuse. The spirits of Abortions. The spirits of hatred and spite. The spirits of unforgiving and revenge. There are many more that unless The Lord Jesus Reigns in your life ” John 14; 12 “, your time here on earth is a wasted life no matter how much material possession ” houses, lands and money ” you may have acquired, your life is not a successful one for you fulfill the desires of a religious spirit instead of the spirit of God, ” 3 John 3; 6 – 12 “.

He it is that encourages you to devorce your spouse, scatter the family so the children can go astray, The enemy spirit encourages you not to forgive your neighbour so there can be War. You may not believe this yet it is the truth. The desires you are having to hurt, rob, cheat, steal, deceive and slander re the voices of the evil spirits that live in you.

The only way you can overcome and be a victor over All the Evil Powers of the Enemy is through Faith in Jesus. Believe this. The Blood of Jesus cleanses and empowers one to resist and conquer the enemy. Never run from the Devil, face Him, expose Him, remind Him that he was thrown out of Heaven and Our Lord Jesus has given you all power over him, remind him that Michael Kicked him out of Heaven and you also must kick him out of your life. Never be afraid of Lucifer he cannot hurt you unless you let him. Lucifer and all the demonic preachers and all the wicked police from Guelph and those who have been deceived into believing their lies are so afraid of me that they have developed hatred and are so very careful not to come in contact with me. You must do this also.This is the only way. Wars are the wicked schemes of the enemy to destroy innocent. Behold, I have told You.

Who are the Lord’s Shepherds?

The evil; spirits even control the preachers. They will tell you that the Shepherds of The Lord Jesus are the preachers, that is not true. The Shepherds of the Lord Jesus are not only the ministers of religions, remember, Jesus warned us of those ministers of religions “Matthew 24; 4 – 14”, the hypocrites, the religious deceivers.

The Shepherds are all those who are in charge to decide what the people should have, the Governments that make laws, the teachers, the financial institutions that charge exorbitant usury fees. To the Police Jesus said you must be satisfied with your pay, charge ” Luke 3; 14″ no one wrongfully. No conspiracy. Feeding and tending the Sheep did not mean to shoot them.

This is one of the problems that confronts me daily. As you continue through this material, you will find reports where A Supervisor of Police from Guelph has been attempting for years to have me killed. You will also find how he conspire with Ms Lynne Knox, the Property Service Officer at Wellington Guelph Social housing to destroy my property value over “Half A million Dollars “$526,296.00” and encouraged The Personal Insurance Co. not to indemnify me for the damages done to my apartment #104 at 232 Delhi Street in Guelph. As you go along, you will find details of the bill for damages done further on.

Although I have moved twice and even was forced to live in shelters, I am now living in Toronto where they tried again by lying again to prevent me from ever having a social housing facilities in this country, I am harassed daily in my apartment with Gas, High heat burst like Police taser on my hips, my shoulder and leg at intervals. This is the result of the current landlord giving support to the wicked police who are insisting to have me killed where ever I went.

Whenever I am not at home, some one enters my apartment and search my things, remove my clothes and document and even though I have reported these incidents to the authorities, nothing is being done.

However, My responsibility is to remind the preachers what Our Lord Jesus said, this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached, heal the sick, raise the dead cast out demons; but the Demonic Preachers are casting demons upon the people for they are the disciples of the demons “Matthew 15; 1 – 10”.  Jesus said  Wives, honor your husbands, the preachers said wives, leave your husbands, bring your money and I will take care of you.

Jesus said, if you cannot forgive your husband for things he did not even do, you lied on him because of your corruption you abominable woman. There is no law that justifies the wife leaving her husband for a corrupted preacher. The Lord has something to say about that “Jeremiah 3; 20 – 22”, what kind of demonic preachers that  deceived you to follow him, who will forgive you, you bunch of hypocrites?

The Lord requires that we be found faithful and He requires that which is past. He said, Pay your Vows to The Most High. The worst hypocrite are the Christians who break their Marriage Vows. Be faithful and Pray, the Lord will answer you.

Is this not a wicked system of demonic preachers? Sure bet, it is. Awake to the truth, the more religions the demons establish, the more corrupted preachers there will be and the more conflicts, rebellions and crimes, the more the police conspire to incriminate the innocent, the more wars, famines, illness, diseases, single parent families, orphans, starvation and overcrowded jails with imprisoned innocent victims for crimes of which they were not guilty.

The Whole World is Corrupted Again.

This is true, the whole world is corrupted again like Genesis 6, 7 and 8 and God through His Love, His Mercy and Compassion sent Noah to warn the people but they did not care to believe; Genesis 18; 18 – Ch. 19;  29. Similarly so, people from this Country are trading with the Iniquities of the heathern Nations in Sorcery ” Ezekiel 13; 1 – 10, 14 – 23″ , Witchcraft and Black Magic from Haiti.

I have been Appointed, Commissioned and sent as a Messenger to warn “Ezekiel 3; 4 – 11, Ch 33; 1 – 9”  the people of this Country and the Nations of the World like Jonah who was sent to warn that Great City of Nineveh “Jonah 1, 2 and 3″. I wear the authentic marks of the 25  for twenty-five on my left leg that was given to me in 1987, the night of the dream, twenty-five years ago and that brings us to the year 2012. This is less than two hundred and fifty ” 250″  days away.  Anyone may see it if ever there is an interest an the request is made. There are many persons who can testify that my testimony is authentic, very real. The year 2012 has been appointed. 

From the information I have received, my mission will end in  “A.D. 2012” twenty-twelve. At that time, some form of reckoning will be accounted for. Knowing this, I must complete my mission, I want to be found faithful at that time. In 1987, I was told that my time is Twenty- five “25” Years and when one adds twenty-five “25” to 1987, the result is 2012.  This  is very easily understood that the count down begins. Please calculate from today’s date and realize that 2012 is less that 300 days in the future.

I Know There Will Be Great Difficulties

The road is long and very dangerous but I must go on for My God is always with me. The Shepherds are not just the Preachers alone as the preachers are attempting to claim and will have us to believe. The Shepherds of the Lord are the International Governments also, the Doctors, the Teachers, to the Police Jesus said ” Luke 3; 10 – 14″, the Preachers and the Ministers “John 21; 15 – 27” of The Gospel Of Jesus. Instead of feeding the sheep and keeping the peace, the police do pride themselves in disturbing to peace like the gangster gunslingers of the old west.

A Corrupted Police From Guelph continues to seeks after My Life.

All because of his involvement in corruption related with a woman who is the acquaintance of one of his friends.

He authorized the destruction of my property with the wicked Landlord of Wellington Guelph Social Housing in October, 2007 and damaged my property at apartment # 104 at 232 Delhi Street, costing over half of a million dollars. My rent paid up to the end of December, 2007.

the details of the claim is as follows.

1 grey men gaberdine suit                                                $179.99

1 Black gaberdine suit                                                       $274.99

1 Navy-blue gaberdine Suit                                             $299.99

1 white dashiki dress shirt                                                 $27.00

1 pr Blue dress pants with broad borders                    $67.00

1 pr.  Blue dress pants with narrow borders               $69.00

1 Beige turtleneck long sleeve T-shirt                            $45.00

1 Triplex red turtle neck T-shirt                                      $34.00

2 track tops, 1 green and 1 grey                                         $38.00

3 Tripple x dress shirts                   @ $34.00                 $104. 97

1 Large Off-white Dress shirt                                               $65.99

1 large triple x cream dress shirt                                      $65.00

1 Large triple x Black shirt                                                   $39.00

3 Men Blazers                                                                          $ 224.97

1 triple x black all-seasons back  trench coat         $1,900.00

1 Compaq presaio 1200 laptop computer                    $749.00

3 CD’s (manusc, poetry & drama) @ $75,000.    $225.000.00

3 CD’s Business proposals   @ $15,000.00               $45.000.00

2 files “Personal assets; Supreme Court bus.      $250.000.00

1 home entertainment set                                                    $254.00

6 pillows@ $14.00                                                                       $84.00

1 quilted custom knitted multi-col. blanket “A gift”    $68.00

1 Co loured blanket                                                                      $68.00

1 Queen Bed complete “Skirt-sheets & blanket Gift” $1100.00

Total value    $526, 296.00

This insurance claim was refused on the advice of this Corrupted Police Supervisor of Guelph Police and the Landlord representative, Ms Lynne Knox; the  Chief Service Officer of Wellington Guelph Social Housing. This was what Mr. Phyl Kraynick of The Personal Insurance Co told me on the telephone after I did not receive further communication from him. I called Mr. Phyl Kraynick to find out what was happening to my claim. He also told me that Ms Lynne Knox told him with and in the presence of the Police Supervisor that I had abandoned the apartment. Mr. Phyl Kraynick also told me that he has closed the insurance claim file.  The damage done to my apartment was in October 2007 and my apartment rent was paid up to the end of December 2007.  My Insurance policy  #H2193683 premium was also currently paid through bank direct wit-drawls and my damage claim # P1939432.

This particular corrupted Senior Police Office who has vowed to have me “an innocent citizen” destroyed. This issue originated in Guelph. He tried to have my Immigration Status canceled privately so he can pick me up on the streets and disappeared without a trace or have me deported. ” the record is with Citizenship And Immigration Canada”. He  has followed me to Brampton after destroying my home in Guelph and advised and encouraged the Insurance Company that hold my household Contents Insurance Policy from indemnifying me for my losses of over half a million dollars. He released that he will be called to give an account of my home destruction. He then began systematically to establish a system of harassing me for over four years and attempted on several occasions with employment agencies to have me killed simply because he is jealous of my personality.

He has Marshaled A Team To have Me Eliminated.

This corrupted police has concocted a story all by himself, recruited others to compile a team and gain permission through the Patriot Act as a result of a story he presented to them, sightseeing me as a potentially dangerous person to the society. This story he presented is the result of an arranged plan prepared to prevent me from ever appearing in the courts of Canada. He fears that I have information to prove that some of his associates are involved in fraudulent activities, involving a very large sums of money. He has vowed to them that he will do whatever he can to see to it that I will never get the occasion to expose them.

Now He is Attempting To chase Me Out Of The Country.

He has destroyed my home in  Guelph and followed me to Brampton. Even there he had his occasions and attempted his wicked schemes but they have also failed and shall continue to fail. Now I am living in Toronto. He has acquired a fraudulent document with a fraudulent signature that I am supposed to have signed to prevent any medicine from being administered on me for any reason. I have never signed any document relating to any prevention of medications what so ever.

I have no peace at my current home. I am daily harassed in my apartment with Gas, Excessive High Heat and high voltage shocks to my hips. I have reported these issues to the authority but these unauthorized entries and discomfort in my apartment and removing many of my belongings continue, with numerous unprovoked smoke alarms burst of noises and high heat and color light beams, various fragrance of dourness and attempts are made as often as necessary to place things “articles” with the intention to have me incriminated or have me killed or paralyzed.

He utilizes Cryptic Encoded Computer Messages VIA satellite.

He is now utilizing the PNA “Petic Pneuclare Acid, a hybrid gene through computer generated encoded Cryptic messages with satellite assisted communication transfer messages system using various color light beams to corrupt my DNA.

This system is experienced while I move about at times I can see the various color lights, sometimes a red glow, sometimes a light blue, sometimes a Yellowish-Red overshadowing me while I walk and on entering some business places, their alarm will go off.

This Amber light beams follows me around and are directed towards me even anytime I am studying my hand will become very light as if it has no strength, sometimes it is in my eyes and prevent me from seeing. At that time there will be a burning in my eyes. This heat will sometimes be at my right side hip, sometimes at my shoulder and while I sleep. The utilizing of the Satellite capability provide the opportunity to perform these attacks on my even while I am in school.

This corrupted police officer is definite in his attacks on me that my clothes are often changed and smaller ones put in place. He has everything well covered that where ever I go seeking help, I will be denied, even government agencies, no one is interested to help me, everyone questioning me about my health and requiring me to sign over my authority to them to do other research on me. With all these discomforts, I am never afraid of anyone. However, I will definitely appreciate it if this corrupted police will just simply leave me alone.

This corrupted Police officer knows every environment in the society where information can be acquired to assist him to have me destroyed. He acquired the necessary information and has A Carefully Planned Conspiracy Against Me.

My problem today is an environmentally structural one, it is me being harassed in my home, it is that unauthorized entries are being made in my apartment while I am away and my things are re-arranged and many important items are removed, other things are left in my apartment that did not belong to me, yet, no one is interested to have these issues resolved, even the police in this area is prejudice against me and refusing to gave any assistance to me, yet three came to my apartment attempting to have me arrested for reporting to the superintendent that someone entered my apartment, cut the lock on my suitcase and took away my spare keys from my apartment. Even though I presented the evidence to the police, she was not interested in that but continue to pressure me to make incriminating remarks in the form of a threat so she will have a reason to arrest me for uttering threats. I then ask her for her name but she refused to gave it to properly identify herself. She did not gave me her name, then I ask her for her Professional Police Identification Card, again she refused saying that she did not have any then left after threatening me the third time.

The police Is Determined To Have Me Killed.

The current modified intention is to have my paralyze or induce cardiac attack or coronary thrombosis. This continued process in on a 24/07 basis even while I sleep, or in order to control my response system. I am being kept under surveillance constantly, and while I am away from my apartment and is in school, my apartment is continually entered into and various items removed, and replaced by a smaller version trousers, shirts, jockeys and mariners. Often times I found items that I did not bring and various colour liquid sprayed on my clothes. What is ridiculous though is the various odors “fainting smell” that cause water in my eyes after the burnings began.

Some One Smashed My Stove.

Lately, in October, I requested permission to change the lock on my front door, replacing it with my own personal lock, a few days later that same Month, one day I return from school and found that someone entered my apartment and smashed my little pot into the stove in the apartment and smashed the stove I reported that current incident to the Office and to date, 15th. January 2011, three Months later, no attempt has been made even to look at the incident. I am still without a proper stove. `

The Superintendent Attempted To have Me Arrested.

This is contrary to the lease agreement, also it is a clear indication that suggested that the executive of the Toronto Housing Corporation “MTHC” is also a contributing facture to the system of harassment that has been organized against me by the corrupted police officer originally from Guelph Police. Often times I will see him along the corridor of my apartment at nights here in Toronto. I reported that my apartment is entered into by someone entering my apartment here in Toronto as was their customs in Guelph, another time someone drilled a hole in the roof of my apartment 104 at 232 Delhi St in Guelph from the apartment 204 above, from that time my life has been constantly in danger and even though I decided to leave Guelph, this police continues to pursue after me.

The Police Refused To Help Me.

Whatever report I issue to the police of people entering my home in my absence, it is never attended to by the police, once I was told by the person who answer the police telephone that I am lying, this was the voice of a female. I went to the Police Station at Bomandsey in Toronto with the report but was sent to the Cox-well Police Station, I went to Cox-well and was told by the Officer on duty that there is not anything that the Police can do for me for there is an entry at that station on my profile that I am a person with a mental problem.

Police list me A mental Problem To Assist My Demise.

Well this was a surprise to me. I then realized that it was an initiative of the Corrupted Police from Guelph to guarantee and ascertain my demise; obviously, I will be having conflict according to the planned program he has in operation on me. I will most certainly react in a manner appropriate to the police response unit in emergence mode and if I am a mental case, the treatment that will be required can very easily resulted in an overdose or  a medical complications which will result in an unfortunate death. “Their Mission will then be successfully accomplished”. 

I am a fully functioning, fully developed, mature and responsible adult male. This corrupted police officer is unfit to represent any Country in any capacity whatsoever.  He is a poor example of a human being, he has no integrity, he has lost his humanity to the extent that his objective now is to popogate dishonesty and corruptions and destroy societies. I am becoming aware to the fact real police corruption do exist and I am hoping to be given an opportunity to change that.

I am currently a student in preparation to become a Community Social Worker. This gigantic scientific professionally planned conspiracy organized by a senior police supervisor who schemed his way to become acquainted with me then in Guelph introduced himself to me as Andy, a man in great difficulties in Guelph in 2006. I found out later that his name is Andy Forqharson, a supervisor in Guelph Police by the telephone number he gave to me at the time of the introduction. His intention was to have me eliminated to protect his interest.

This mean police is trying to rule through instilling fear, he uses threats to anyone that attempted to assist me, they are either fired, reprimanded or suspended” for refusing or failing to cooperate with the police to do me harm. He even threatens that if any one fails to cooperate with him, (that is the police), the time will come when they will require police assistance in an emergency and the police will simply be very late in responding.

Is this proper professional police policy? He prepared various situations to produce the results he required to use as evidence against me. All the proof he has are of his own design for his own purpose. None are really genuine information. I have names of lawyers, barbers, real Estate Agents, social service workers, pastors, landlords and superintendents  and others that can support this.

Corruption Is Everywhere.

These shepherds ” people in high offices” are only concern about themselves, they are feeding themselves with the fat ones and abandoned the rest of the flocks to other ravenous wolves.

Deceiving Preachers

They are the agents of the devil so they abandoning the rest to take care of themselves and caused them to wander in the (Ezekiel 11; 1 – 12. 33; 1 – 33. 34; 1 – 10) wilderness among the ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing, posing  and pretending to be shepherds of the Lord. Each with their own doctrine, no unity among them. These false preachers with the Sin-management doctrines of demons and men.

Overcrowded Hospitals

The Sick is not healed and medical science seems to only be capable of making the sick comfortable in their illness and misery, and worst yet, the medicine contains insomuch side effects that makes the patients contracting other more serious illnesses. The prisons are overcrowded. Everyone forgets to be compassionate. No tolerance, no one forgives, these are the days of conspiracy and bribes against the innocent and seek for the cruel justice of man’ s law, and innocent persons are being imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. The reason for all the chaos in all the nations is the result of the foundation of their economic strength, the deceiving death machinery manufacturing Industries. The Weapons of wars.

The Curse Things

All the families of the earth are fed with the food from the meat of the abominable sacrifices of the heathen nations. The diseases from the curse of Egypt will never be healed with the medicines of the corrupted portions of the men and demons scientific chemistry. All these are the decisions of the various Governments of this era who are the leading group of the men “like Moses and Aaron” chosen to be the ministers of the Lord, His servants. Also the preachers have violated the Hammurabi code of laws from where we get our system Civil and Criminal laws.

Hummarubi Code Of Laws.

Let it be known that Her Majesty The Queen, Queen Elizabeth 11 of England sits upon the throne of King David and wears the Crown of King David who represented the  system of Laws originated from the same twelve pillars that King Hummarubi used to formulate his code of laws.

The Star Of Lionel.

Now, I am in Canada, I represent the same twelve pillars that King Hummarubi uesd to compile his code of laws. The Star of Lionel also represents these same twelve pillars that King Hummarubi uesd and The Queen of England also represents those same twelve pillars. The Queen of England immediate past representative here, our immediate past Governor General was from Haiti and my God, the Master of Disaster used Haiti as a reminder to Canada to amend her ways and her doing.

One Law for all, accuse no one wrongfully, even the Magna Carter and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Privilege guarantees this and due process of law is the rights of all Canadians. This does not permit plea-bargain, conspire to incriminate nor entrapment; all these are some of the evils of the country through the actions of the police who even violate the victims Bill of Rights. 

Be Warned, A Date To Remember. AD 2012.

The period of time that was allotted to me to complete this mission is almost expired. It was in 1987 that the Voice Of The Lord appointed and commissioned me with this mission. He told me that I have Twenty-Five years. This was in a dream. I did not even had to think of it for in every occasion that I have had that source of information, they were actual information from the Kingdom Of Heaven.

I Bear The marks on My body.

When I awoke the following morning and went for a bath for church for in was Sunday, I looked on my left leg while I bathe for church, I saw the twenty-Five printed on my  leg in bold and bright red figures. If one should add ( 25 + 1987, the total will be = 2012, which will very easily be concluded that after the year 2012, any thing can happen. The Lord may intervene in the affairs of the Kingdom of man or I may leave this world or my work may simply be over. The Star Of Lionel.

 He Guided Me.

Over this period of time in my life, I had been very carefully guided and the appropriate training were made available to me to facilitate this mininsty. On January 2010, I notice that the figures 25 of the number of years had began to fade. Anyone can view this Physiognomy on my left leg if only the request is made. 

I Have Experienced Many Miracles.

My life’s story has had many miraculous incidents. I was not yet three years old when it began. My mother told me of it one day when she said that I actually died once. The details of this will be revealed at a interview and also the many times that I have spoken with Angels and received physical things from their hands.

Invite Me To your Church To hear my testimony.

You will hear of the times that I was scolded by My Heavenly Father for reading a book. You will hear of how the Lord delivered me from the traps of the enemy many a times. You will hear of how the Lord took care of some enemies that conspired against though I was innocent.

These Are My Real Life Experiences

You will hear of the time I danced at the pageantry of the Kingdom of the Clouds celebration in honor the Lord Jesus in Worship to celebrate His Victory over Sin, Death, Hell The Devil and the grave. You will hear that My Heavenly Father, the Almighty God revealed to me the drama of Lucifer on the day of The  Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus.

I Will Give Names and name Churches.

Did you know that the Clouds have a Kingdom. Oh Yes, they do. You will hear how my mother Introduced God to me and what was the result thereof for the rest of my life. You will hear that three ladies from a Church were sent directly to me with a message to tell me that the answer I received in my dreams more that once is in in fact the answer to the prayer that I have been praying.

You will hear of the many times I looked at death in the face and walked away unharmed. You will hear of the many dreams that I have had that have all came to pass actually as they were revealed in my dreams.

More testimony

You will hear of information that I have received in my dreams about future events, some for the very next day that have also came to pass exactly as they were told to me in my dreams. You will be given the names of persons here in Toronto that can bare witness of many of my testimonies. You will hear of the challenge Lucifer gave to me about  Dr. Billy Graham.

More Testimony.

You will hear also of the revenge Lucifer took on me. You will also hear that I was reminder that the times in at hand and much more, also of the most beautiful design He gave to me to be created, establish and distribute to every man everywhere. Men, Woman, boys and girls of every race. You will also hear of the legacy behind the design of ten lines and two circles, the twelve pillars, and why it is called The Star Of Lionel.

I am Lionel. Behold I have Told You.


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The road is long and very lonely with many winding turns. However, I am not afraid for I am never alone. The Spirit of the Lord (1 John 3; 9) is always with me from since I became a redeemed Re-Born child of God. For all of my life, from a child, for as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by loving parents and very loving people. As a result, my life shall only be useful in this world when I purpse to transfer my resurcefulness to whom I will come in contact with. when I tried to transter this Love that I have found to others and help them find the success of a real Life. This is my real purpose of living. In return I am hated through jealusy and on many occasions, attempts are being made by very simple and jealous people whoes minds are not properly trained but try to ruin this wonderful gift that I have from my birth. But I am very strong, no burden is too heavy for me to bare for he is my brother and we must go on, I will not be stopped, We must reach our destination and be successful. Till then, we will drink of the living water and go on together.
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  1. ourenemy says:

    Any one who has been motivated by The Spirit of The Almighty God to contribute to this Ministry may do so to my Email address Online to the PayPal a/c at

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