Success Information Centre

We were all born to be successful however, most of us were deceived and follow leaders th inat were fools and we all got lost by the way. We all became Failures.

Now, here is your Emblem of Success.. How much will you pay for the Title to your Property?

It can be viewed on my Facebook page. Follow the instruction and order your own.

Order it before St. Patrick’s day of celebration and claim your Heritage.

It is free. You pay only Shipping and Processing.

Our God of Creation is so Merciful that He has choose a man. Empowers. appoines and Commissioned him to be His Representative for this Generation.

Although our Lord Jesus has warned us to be very careful about who we listen to. ( Matthew 24 ) We allow the deceivers that He warned us about to be our leaders.

Those deceiving  robbers to rob us of our heritage but Our God understands.

God  has provider us with this Emblem of Success that we will have another chance of ownership now to possess our new ownership: Exodus 23; 20-33 at last.

Use it  Wisely. This is  Your Ownership Badge of Success.


About ourenemy

The road is long and very lonely with many winding turns. However, I am not afraid for I am never alone. The Spirit of the Lord (1 John 3; 9) is always with me from since I became a redeemed Re-Born child of God. For all of my life, from a child, for as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by loving parents and very loving people. As a result, my life shall only be useful in this world when I purpse to transfer my resurcefulness to whom I will come in contact with. when I tried to transter this Love that I have found to others and help them find the success of a real Life. This is my real purpose of living. In return I am hated through jealusy and on many occasions, attempts are being made by very simple and jealous people whoes minds are not properly trained but try to ruin this wonderful gift that I have from my birth. But I am very strong, no burden is too heavy for me to bare for he is my brother and we must go on, I will not be stopped, We must reach our destination and be successful. Till then, we will drink of the living water and go on together.
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